Art Instruction/Education

  • Art Courses in Italy - Art courses in Florence and Milan offered by Language School and Private Universities. Find course details, history and pricing.
  • Art Trade Schools - A resource that focuses on careers in the visual arts.
  • Begin an Art History Career:
         ° Art History: Degrees and Careers
         ° Funding an Art Degree
         ° Careers in Art
  • The Benefits of Arts Education - The vast benefits the arts can have on mental health for adults and the incredible formative benefits it can have on children.
  • Career Paths in the Arts Field - Art careers vary, from comic book writing to museum curation. Learn about art careers and find the resources you need for an art education along with artist salaries, employment growth, and related careers.
  • Complete Guide to Art Schools - For some, art is a hobby, and for others, a way of life. Find art schools, programs and scholarships and learn about art careers in our comprehensive art schools guide.
  • Online Degree Programs in Art - Prepare for an art degree program at accredited online colleges. Here are college financing options, internships and careers related to the arts.
  • Resources for Art Students - Staying on top of trends is an important part of a career in art. Find clinics and classes below, plus apps and tech that can help keep artists in the loop.
  • Skillshare - An online learning platform with thousands of classes on numerous topics, including fine art, taught by members of our broad community of experts.

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