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Tree Removal, July 2005

Sumac trees are sometimes considered big weeds and have very shallow roots that can easily topple in heavy wind storms. There were several large Sumacs that were growing out from, or very near the building’s foundation. These not only threatened the structure, but shaded the building in such a way as to allow moss to grow on the roof. I never like to take down any trees, but in this case it was in the best interest for this historical site to have them removed.

Since the original photograph was taken the county reconfigured the road by raising it and moving it slightly farther away. In addition to curbing, storm drains and metal guard rails were installed.

Removing the tree canopy.

Cutting one of the large trunks.
The prominent building across the road belongs to the Swananowa Lake Association and is currently vacant. This building sits adjacent to the Lake Swananowa dam, which at one time was used to power electricty to the Ringling complex.

The first set of trees completely down. The copper roof on the semi
round extension can now be easily seen. Note how close the far corner
of the building is to the road, hence the new metal guard rail!

Removal of the second set of trees. Here you can see the trunks
growing out from the foundation.

A job well done! The experts after several long hard days of work!