The Home of Linda Rossin Studios

Interior Renovation - January 2007

The painting studio.
Since this is one large room there wasn’t a lot of renovation to do in this area. However, the space is a lot cleaner than in the January 2006 renovation page picture and my furniture and painting supplies have now been moved in. The furniture has yet to find a permanent place as there is still one large pallet rack in the middle of the room (behind the filing cabinets) filled with boxes that will have to be emptied.

My temporary setup.

The Gallery

A view from the Gallery looking back into my painting area.

Standing in the Gallery, facing the wall adjacent to my painting area.
Since we need a place to continue with “the messy work”, the Gallery will be one of the last projects to be completed.

The opposite wall in the Gallery.
Note that it is a mirror image of the preceding picture.

Looking into the utility section of the studio.
Note the zig zag entrance. This design was created to maximize wall space and add additional
architectural interest while at the same time eliminating unsightly doors.

The utility section.
Before and after pictures.


Framing rooms 1 and 2 are now almost complete as well as the tool room, kitchenette and bathroom.

Cabinets and floor covering are still to come.

The kitchenette/utility sink behind the bathroom.

We still have a way to go, but the next set of photos will be of the finished interior!