Actual size


Bovine Beauty
Randall Lineback Cow
Traditional Miniature
Acrylic with Metallic Gold Painted Background
Image: 3 1/4 x 4 1/4“
Frame: 5 1/8 x 6 1/8”
Hand wrapped fabric mat
The penny appearing on the artwork is only for scale.
$850 USD


When visiting a local zoo I came across a cow on their grounds that possessed the most beautiful face. I didn’t have any knowledge about her breed, but knew she was special because her markings were so unusual. Eventually a docent came by and enlightened me.

Randall cattle are a rare breed of purebred cattle developed on the farm of Samuel Randall, and later his son, Everett Randall in Sunderland, Vermont,. These cattle are quite variable in size and conformation and have a constitution that is suited to the New England climate. Cows and steers have a “Color-sided” lineback pattern, black markings on a white base, varying from almost white to very dark. Other subtle shades such as blue, mahogany, and gray have been observed, and there are now a number of recessive reds. While breed numbers are greatly improved, the Randall Lineback remains critically endangered, according to the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.

Awards to Bovine Beauty:
     FIRST PLACE — MonDak Heritage Center’s 32nd Annual Miniature Art Show, Sidney, MT, 2022
     SPONSOR AWARD First Bank of Colorado - 12th Mountainside Art Guild Small Works Exhibition, Denver, CO
     FIRST PLACE - The Little Picture Show, Waterworks Art Museum, Miles City, MT
     FIRST PLACE - Sulphur Springs Valley 21st International Miniature & Small Works Show, Wilcox, AZ