A Tiger to Touch
Bengal Tiger

A Leopard to Linger On
African Leopard

Out on a Limb
Clouded Leopard

A Leopard to Gaze At
Clouded Leopard

A Cheetah to Admire
African Cheetah

Small portraits - image 9" x 12"        Centerpiece - image 30" x 15"
Suite of five unframed prints:
Paper Giclée $650 USD        Enhanced Canvas Giclée $1,900 USD
(Prices do not include shipping & handling)

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Linda Rossin's award-winning endangered cat collection is now available as signed and numbered limited-edition Giclée prints on pager or canvas. Each canvas is individually enhanced by Linda, adding even more drama to these highly dimensional and moving images. Canvases are protected with ultraviolet and waterproof coatings then stretched over wooden supports. The paper edition is printed on 140-pound Classic Velour acid-free stock.

Images on paper or canvas are available individually or in suites of five prints.