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"Everything I see, everywhere I look, a painting waits to come to life. Creative minds have proclaimed their feelings through various forms of expression for millennia, but it is the painting that communicates a simple or complex message in an instant. It sees no age or gender, and speaks every language found on earth. My paintings are a celebration of life. They are momentary journeys that are filled with nature's richness, beauty and dignity, and provide a temporary shelter from our otherwise fast paced busy world."

Linda Rossin is an award-winning New Jersey artist, who has been professionally painting poignant portrayals
of wildlife in both large and diminutive scale since 1988. She is among only a handful of professional American
wildlife painters who embody animals within the confines of traditional miniature art*. Both Ms. Rossin’s large-
scale and miniature paintings have been displayed extensively in prestigious exhibitions and museums across
the U. S., as well as in other countries around the world.

It was Ms. Rossin’s reputation and miniature art expertise that lead to the invitation to create the sole 2014
Commemorative Egg for the First Lady. An actual chicken egg was mandatory, and the theme was to revolve
around the Easter Egg Roll held annually on the South Lawn of the White House. On April 21, 2014, Linda’s
impeccably hand painted egg was presented to Michelle Obama and is now a part of the White House Collection.

As an elected member of the Society of Animal Artists, where the world’s most renowned animal painters and
sculptors are represented, she was honored in 2014 with an Award of Excellence for a miniature painting that
competed against almost all large-scale works. This award is the highest accolade given by the SAA. Linda is also
a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation; wherein a Medal of Excellence was received in 2008, again for
one of her masterful miniatures. In addition to these two outstanding awards, she has been recognized with
countless Best of Show and First Place honors as a result of the unfailing quality of her work.

Additional Signature Memberships include: Miniature Artists of America, made up of international artists whose
work reflects the highest standards in miniature art today; Cider Painters of America; and Miniature Painters,
Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC. Linda also maintains Associate Memberships in: Miniature Art
Society of Florida; Association of Miniature Artists; and World Federation of Miniaturists.

Publications featuring Ms. Rossin’s artwork are: Modern Masters of Miniature Art in America, authored by Wesley
Siegrist, sponsored by Miniature Artists of America; The Best of Worldwide Wildlife Artists, Kennedy Publishing;
and The Best of Wildlife Art, Volumes 1 & 2 and Strokes of Genus 6, North Light Books.

Gallery representation: Decoys & Wildlife Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ; Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA.

*Traditional miniature art is fine art painted in small scale with minute attention to detail. Paintings must be able to withstand enlargement or close inspection without revealing faults and may be no larger than twenty-five square inches. Subject matter must be one-sixth life-size or smaller.

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