benefitting Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, Clinton, NJ

Above are a few quickly snapped shots taken at The Farmstead in Ringoes, NJ where W.O.W.S.A. was held.

Art sales, plus the generosity of sponsors, and especially all who came out on this rather brisk day to attend the Wonders of Wildlife, Sprits and Art — thank you, you helped make this event a huge success! Thousands of dollars were generated for Woodlands Wildlife Refuge through admissions, art sales, and the silent auction of original artworks donated by four of New Jersey’s most prominent artists: Douglas Allen, James Fiorentino, Leslie Delgyer and Linda Rossin.

Bourbon Street Wine and Sprits kindly provided a hand picked selection of bourbon and wine, Lone Eagle Brewing supplied a choice of craft beers, while The Raccoon Ridge Ramblers gladly entertained everyone throughout the afternoon. The food was delicious and plentiful, to say the least. And at this time of year, everyone certainly enjoyed and appreciated the hot apple cider!

Woodlands on average, cares for 1,200 injured and orphaned animals each year. Their mission is to rehabilitate and release these wild creatures back into their natural environment and to educate the public by creating a better understanding of how people and wildlife can exist in harmony. Woodlands Wildlfe Refuge, is a 5 star rated, non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Donations are always welcome, or foster a critter of your choice, you will be helping to give these animals a second chance!



Following the huge success of last year’s online auction “Sketch for Survival,” a conservation campaign organized by Explorers Against Extinction and by the UK charity, Real World Conservation Trust, extended their reach this year to more than 330 professional artists, celebrities and other high profiled people around the world, to create a 26 minute sketch of an endangered species to raise funds for conservation charities that are pivotal in the battle to protect imperiled animals. The timeline for each sketch was based on the shocking estimation that an elephant is poached for its ivory every 26 minutes. Like many other professionals, Linda didn’t do just a simple sketch, but rather worked days to complete her donation, “Future King”(pictured)

The Sketch for Survival 2018 auction site launched on September 22nd and will close on Sunday, November 25th, 11am USA eastern time. This is a unique opportunity to buy affordable original art, while contributing to the conservation of endangered species. All you have to do is click HERE, register and start by making an offer on your favorite piece. Check back regularly, refresh the page of your selected artwork(s) to assure you see its most recent bid.

African Parks is the 2018 partner charity that will gain support from auction sales in order to establish a working dog program in Garamba, one of Africa’s oldest national parks. Please know that 100% of every purchase will help safeguard Elephants and the rare Kordofan Giraffe. Your generosity and support of this most important cause is paramount to its success. Thank you.

Heartland Art Guild, Paola, KS

The 14th Annual Heartland Art Guild International Miniature Painting & Sculpture Art Show has now concluded, and the award winners were just announced. Out of the 319 works created by 89 artists from around the world, there were only seven awards this year, and only the most outstanding pieces received them. “Golden Boy” happened to be one of them, awarded with an Honorable Mention. Linda is beyond thrilled to be included amongst those recognized at the exhibition, housed at the Miami County Historical Museum.

The judge Joni Johnson-Godsy stated: “Choosing the award winners was very hard. I was impressed by the many art styles represented along with the many mediums. Just a great quality show overall!”


AcrylicWorks 5 Bold Values is a spectacular showcase of contemporary acrylic painting, selected from an International call for entries. The fifth competition book in the AcrylicWorks series, this hardback volume from North Lights Books features a rousing blend of ingenuity and instruction. The 127 stunning paintings featured are accompanied by captivating insights, creative solutions and effective approaches from the artists themselves, with an emphasis on the power of values (light, medium and dark halftones). There’s an old saying among artists that “value does all the work, while color gets all the credit.” AcrylicWorks 5 gives value its due, showing how—in the hands of today’s top artists—it brings bold drama to everyday subjects, conveys emotion and commands the eye. Compiled in this glorious, full-color book are modern-day acrylic masterpieces of a rich variety—from still life and abstracts to people, animals and landscapes, displayed in a sensational range of styles that is sure to captivate both art lovers and artists alike.

Linda's painting Big Sky Country was selected to head chapter 5, Animals (page 112, 113), and her second painting Spring Celebration is featured on page 127. I feel privileged to have had not one painting selected for this incredible book, but two! Considering hundreds of artists from around the world submitted their work for this publication, I feel truly honored to be among the chosen 100 artists represented! LR

Now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers, online or in store.

Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

^ A Rose for a Rose
Honorable Mention

< She
Best of Show

What is more majestic than a lioness proudly sunbathing in her African environment? Nothing, according to the Parklane Gallery, which recently hosted its 26th Annual Juried International Miniature Art Show, that featured over 350 tiny works of magnificent perfection by celebrated artists from all over the world.

Linda is overjoyed that She, a profile portrait of a distinguished lioness, was honored with the Best of Show award. The judge, Valerie Collymore, had this to say about this striking miniature: “The exacting and painstaking detail in the Best of Show work is of a superior nature and withstands close examination with a magnifying glass with ease. The title of the piece clues the viewer in to the emotional intent of the artist to show the majesty, pride, and beauty of this lioness, celebrating her female status.”

She was inspired by Linda’s advocacy for wildlife preservation and in particular, by her love of cats of all kinds, which motivates her to bring increased awareness to the plight facing our world’s magnificent felines.

The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

As you can see from the snapshots above, a great time was had by all who attended the opening reception of the 26th exhibition of The Art of the Miniature at The Snow Goose Gallery on May 6th. The afternoon was abuzz with conversation, not only about the show, but the delectable edibles, refreshments and the soft live jazz ensemble that Mary and Doug Serfass organize each year to make every opening the best that it can be. Collectors are already looking forward to next year’s show and reception. We hope you can join us!

Spanish Moss Miniature Fine Arts Miniature Show, Mobile, AL

Enter a world of peaceful relaxation when you take in the wondrous floral setting that abounds in Linda’s award-winning miniature, A Garden of Dreams.

The tiny masterpiece recently captured the BEST IN SHOW award from the 10th Annual Spanish Moss Miniature Fine Arts Show hosted by the Mobile Arts Council. The only miniature fine arts show in the state of Alabama, Spanish Moss prides itself in displaying works from top artists in the miniature field to the delight of its many visitors, who view these little treasures with

magnifiers to see every breathtaking detail. Among all of the paintings, drawings, and etchings in this popular competition, Linda is simply thrilled that this piece took home the top honor this year.

Miniature Art Society of Florida, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL

The Dunedin Fine Arts Center was the setting for the recent 43rd Annual International Miniature Fine Art Exhibition presented by the Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF). This unique display featured over 800 2D and 3D treasures of magnificent perfection, along with daily artist demonstrations and docent tours.

Linda is pleased to announce that she was honored this year with a Third Place for Acrylic award for Dune Waker, a serene scene of a cooing dove walking along a sandy beach. The judge for this year’s show, Melissa Miller Nece, is considered one of the foremost colored pencil artists in the country. Have an interest in art? Stop by the Dunedin Fine arts Center to take one of her classes in drawing, colored pencil, or acrylic painting.

Dune Walker was inspired by a trip Linda took to the idyllic Jersey shore. The lone dove she saw walking along the sandy dune sparked the idea in her mind, and soon the painting was born.

Waterworks Art Museum, Miles City, MT

“Bovine Beauty” has done it again! Linda was astonished and delighted when she heard from the Waterworks Art Museum that she was being honored with the First Place award for her painting Bovine Beauty, a depiction of a very special breed of cow, a Randall Lineback. “Miniatures: Little by Little” Holiday Art Exhibit and Sale was held November through December, 2017 at the Waterworks Art Museum located in Miles City, Montana. The Waterworks Art Museum, a nonprofit organization guided by a philosophy of public service in the arts, was proud to host this biannual miniature exhibit to promote the genre to the public. Juror Keely Perkins, a potter, watercolorist, and art teacher, selected Linda’s painting from hundreds of magnificent entries of diminutive stature.
This very special breed of purebred lineback cattle, named for both their distinctive markings and for their stamina, are noted for their longevity and remarkable productivity. This sweet gal, with her elegance and ever so delicately painted fur, is set off spectacularly by the gold textured background. If you would like to read more about this interesting breed click HERE.

The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

Judy Lalingo, Linda Rossin and Mary Serfass with our unique centerpiece, Harmony, that was created as an artistic endeavor by the three of us where each contributed, in their own medium and style, to the making of this singular painting. As we have never collaborated in this way before, we are extremely proud of our accomplishment and beyond excited that it sold the afternoon of the opening!

Between us, we created nearly 50 pieces of art consisting of florals, landscapes, avian, wild and domestic cats, dogs, horses and other animals in large, mid and diminutive-sized works in a variety of mediums. Three Part Harmony will remain ONLINE until the close of the show, December 23, 2017.

Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC (MPSGS)

The 84th MPSGS Annual International Miniature Fine Art Exhibition is currently on display at the Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda, MD, where you can enjoy over 800 tiny works of magnificent perfection. The show will run through to
January 6, 2018.

For the second year in a row Linda was honored with a Best in Show award for Lighthouse Keeper’s Companion, a rear-view portrait of a black cat gazing out of a window of the Southeast Lighthouse on Block Island. At one time the head keeper and his family lived in one side of the dwelling, while assistants were given apartments in the other half. There’s no doubt that these keepers had pets, and that’s what sparked Linda’s idea of placing a cat in a window of the red brick tower. If interested, click HERE to learn more about this historic and visually striking lighthouse. To see other MPSGS award winners, click this link.

The awards judge, Thomas Hepschen is an AIP designer, well-known for creating etchings for our paper currency and postage stamps. Most notably he has engraved the portraits of Benjamin Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, which respectively appear on the current $100, $50, $20 and $5 U.S. banknotes.

Mountainside Art Guild, Denver, CO

Linda recently received a wonderful surprise when she heard from the Mountainside Art Guild that she was being honored with an award sponsored by First Bank of Colorado for her painting Bovine Beauty, a depiction of a very special breed of cow, a Randall Lineback. The Mountainside Art Guild’s Annual Miniature Show was held from August through September at the Lakewood Arts Gallery, located just west of the heart of Denver. This juried show featured the work of artists of national acclaim as well as miniaturists in and around the Denver area. Evident by their 13th year, this miniature show is a favorite for residents and visitors alike.

Juror Pat Magee chose Linda’s piece for this award from hundreds of entries, many depicting themes of nature, animals, or conservation. If you are curious about this rare cattle breed, click here to visit its featured page for a brief explanation of its origin.

Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

For the 26th year Seaside Art Gallery once again held its International Annual Miniature Art Show on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in May, where nearly 600 tiny works of art were displayed in one of the grandest and most diverse miniature art shows in the nation. Like the “ugly-pretty” trend that hit the fashion world in 2014 (clunky heeled sandals paired with an elegant gown, puffer jackets and the like), some animals that roam our planet can be appreciated for more than what meets the eye. In keeping to this theme, here is what the judge of this exhibition, Mary Serfass had to say about this miniature, “Buddy”: “Some artists can take a subject that is by nature generally considered unattractive and present it in an attractive way. Linda has done this with her use of light, detail and composition. She has nailed this one!” It seems that Linda’s opossum is not only pleasing to the eye, it’s fashionable!
The opossum is an animal we all should embrace, no matter its appearance. Did you know that opossums are North America’s only marsupial? Or that 95% of them are naturally immune to rabies? Just one opossum eats up to 5,000 ticks a year, yet these animals don’t contract or carry Lyme disease! They also eat insects, snails, small rodents, and dead stuff! If you see one, kindly ignore it, they mean no harm and are more scared of you than you are of them!

Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

Have you ever known a cat so special that he actually inspired you? Linda is happy to announce that her miniature entitled Deck Master recently received the People’s Choice Award at Parklane Gallery’s 25th Annual International Juried Miniature Show. News from the Gallery relayed great sales, a Sponsor Award for Country Cousins and now a People’s Choice Award for Deck Master! This painting, which displays an outstretched orange tabby sunbathing on a deck, is actually a portrait of Sunshine, Linda’s neighbor’s adored pet cat. As Linda explains, “Sunshine, aka Gargamel, was a neighbor’s cat who believed in having a second home —ours! He would sun himself on the deck, and if any other neighborhood cat approached his coveted territory, he would make sure they know who was the 'deck master.' Gargs was the subject of many of my paintings and is missed terribly by all who experienced the pleasure of his company. Although he is no longer with us, I intend to continue to paint this very special feline to pay homage to his extremely good looks and larger than life personality.”

Did you know that more than 80% of these beautiful orange tabbies are male? The orange color is produced due to the presence of the pigment pheomelanin which displays colors in the red to cream ranges and produces orange cats that can be very dark to very light orange in color. Often called “Marmalade cats” or Ginger cats,” orange tabbies are thought to be friendly and lovable and are actually more likely to be adopted from shelters than cats of other colors. Just take one look at Gargamel’s beautiful green eyes gazing lovingly at the viewer, and you can see why this might be true.

Behold the miniature still life of porcelain and other material cats inspired from an array from Linda’s own kitchen. Country Cousins was the recipient of Parklane Gallery’s Sponsor Award. Chosen from over 300 masterfully crafted paintings, Country Cousins depicts Linda’s personal collection of cats in clay, porcelain, tin, glass, wood and even an old printing plate, represented exactly as they are on top of her kitchen cabinets in her home. As she herself enjoys collecting cat items, Linda painted this tiny masterpiece with other feline collectors in mind.

Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven, FL

Linda is delighted to share her miniature Garden of Dreams,
and to announce that it recently won an Award of Excellence
at the Ridge Art Association Miniature Art Exhibition, which
ran from April 6-23rd in Winter Haven, Florida. The painting,
where white cushioned chairs implore the viewer to sit back
and unwind in the beauty of its bright floral surroundings,
does indeed mesmerize the viewer, who immediately is
soothed into a calm state of mind.

The mission of the Ridge Art Association is to educate and promote understanding of the visual arts and to sponsor
cultural events within the community. Its biennial juried Miniature Art Exhibition features tiny masterpieces
submitted by local as well as nationally-known artists, and is one of the gallery’s most celebrated events.

Sulphur Springs Valley International Miniature & Small Works Show

The Art League of Willcox and the Willcox Chamber of Commerce recently held their 20th Annual Sulphur Springs International Miniature & Small Works Show. Each year the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture hosts this special art event by displaying an array of tiny masterpieces, welcoming over 5,700 visitors who are guided through the exhibition.

Linda is overjoyed with the judge’s award for Second Place for Hey Handsome, a close-up of a striking wild turkey peering at the viewer with his red waddle prominent and his fan feathersspread wide and full. But she’s especially thrilled that it was the visitors who voted Garden of Dreams, a miniature that beckons the viewer to relax in the gorgeous floral surroundings, as their overall favorite of the show!

Miniature Art Society of Florida, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL

The Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF) recently hosted
their 42nd Annual International Miniature Fine Art Exhibition
in Tarpon Springs, Florida, featuring over 800 tiny works of
exquisite perfection in this annual showing of diminutive art.
The museum established in 2002, strives to inspire and educate
the public with its collection of fine arts. The MASF seeks to
broaden awareness and interest in miniature art among artists
and the community. Linda is pleased to announce that she was
honored with a First Place for Acrylic Painting award for
Savanna Matriarch, a close-up facial depiction of an African
elephant. Savanna elephants are the largest sub-species of
elephant and are easily distinguished by their very large ears
and long front legs. Found in the bushlands of Africa, they
live in well-studied groups of around ten adult females, their calves and juveniles (adult bulls come around
only during mating season). Many of these units often join together to form a “clan” of several hundred members.
However, the demand for black market ivory is reducing their numbers daily and may drive this iconic mammal
to extinction within our lifetime. Please do not purchase ivory or anything that contains it.

by Jamie Markle (Editor)

Art Journey Animals is the first-ever compendium of the most soulful and inspiring animal and wildlife artworks, culled from the winners of North Light's popular competition-books series. More than 100 hand-selected drawings and paintings by a wide variety of top contemporary artists have been carefully curated to capture the wonder of nature, from the family room to the farm and the sea to the savanna.

The best of the best masterworks from AcrylicWorks, Splash, Strokes of Genius and INCITE have been compiled into this gorgeous, oversized full-color book, which includes observations into the texture, innovation, style and significance of each piece. Accompanying in-depth interviews with the artists offer meaningful insights into nature, the creative process and the human condition.

Linda’s drawing of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be found on page 26. It is truly an honor having had my work selected for inclusion in this marvelous book that focuses on drawings and paintings inspired by animal companions and wild creatures of the world. LR

Available at Amazon, Barns & Noble, Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers, online or in store.

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