The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

Judy Lalingo, Linda Rossin and Mary Serfass with our unique centerpiece, Harmony, that was created as an artistic endeavor by the three of us where each contributed, in their own medium and style, to the making of this singular painting. As we have never collaborated in this way before, we are extremely proud of our accomplishment and beyond excited that it sold the afternoon of the opening!

Between us, we created nearly 50 pieces of art consisting of florals, landscapes, avian, wild and domestic cats, dogs, horses and other animals in large, mid and diminutive-sized works in a variety of mediums. Three Part Harmony will remain ONLINE until the close of the show, December 23, 2017.

Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC (MPSGS)

The 84th MPSGS Annual International Miniature Fine Art Exhibition is currently on display at the Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda, MD, where you can enjoy over 800 tiny works of magnificent perfection. The show will run through to
January 6, 2018.

For the second year in a row Linda was honored with a Best in Show award for Lighthouse Keeper’s Companion, a rear-view portrait of a black cat gazing out of a window of the Southeast Lighthouse on Block Island. At one time the head keeper and his family lived in one side of the dwelling, while assistants were given apartments in the other half. There’s no doubt that these keepers had pets, and that’s what sparked Linda’s idea of placing a cat in a window of the red brick tower. If interested, click HERE to learn more about this historic and visually striking lighthouse. To see other MPSGS award winners, click this link.

The awards judge, Thomas Hepschen is an AIP designer, well-known for creating etchings for our paper currency and postage stamps. Most notably he has engraved the portraits of Benjamin Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, which respectively appear on the current $100, $50, $20 and $5 U.S. banknotes.

Mountainside Art Guild, Denver, CO

Linda recently received a wonderful surprise when she heard from the Mountainside Art Guild that she was being honored with an award sponsored by First Bank of Colorado for her painting Bovine Beauty, a depiction of a very special breed of cow, a Randall Lineback. The Mountainside Art Guild’s Annual Miniature Show was held from August through September at the Lakewood Arts Gallery, located just west of the heart of Denver. This juried show featured the work of artists of national acclaim as well as miniaturists in and around the Denver area. Evident by their 13th year, this miniature show is a favorite for residents and visitors alike.

Juror Pat Magee chose Linda’s piece for this award from hundreds of entries, many depicting themes of nature, animals, or conservation. If you are curious about this rare cattle breed, click here to visit its featured page for a brief explanation of its origin.

Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

For the 26th year Seaside Art Gallery once again held its International Annual Miniature Art Show on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in May, where nearly 600 tiny works of art were displayed in one of the grandest and most diverse miniature art shows in the nation. Like the “ugly-pretty” trend that hit the fashion world in 2014 (clunky heeled sandals paired with an elegant gown, puffer jackets and the like), some animals that roam our planet can be appreciated for more than what meets the eye. In keeping to this theme, here is what the judge of this exhibition, Mary Serfass had to say about this miniature, “Buddy”: “Some artists can take a subject that is by nature generally considered unattractive and present it in an attractive way. Linda has done this with her use of light, detail and composition. She has nailed this one!” It seems that Linda’s opossum is not only pleasing to the eye, it’s fashionable!
The opossum is an animal we all should embrace, no matter its appearance. Did you know that opossums are North America’s only marsupial? Or that 95% of them are naturally immune to rabies? Just one opossum eats up to 5,000 ticks a year, yet these animals don’t contract or carry Lyme disease! They also eat insects, snails, small rodents, and dead stuff! If you see one, kindly ignore it, they mean no harm and are more scared of you than you are of them!

Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

Have you ever known a cat so special that he actually inspired you? Linda is happy to announce that her miniature entitled Deck Master recently received the People’s Choice Award at Parklane Gallery’s 25th Annual International Juried Miniature Show. News from the Gallery relayed great sales, a Sponsor Award for Country Cousins and now a People’s Choice Award for Deck Master! This painting, which displays an outstretched orange tabby sunbathing on a deck, is actually a portrait of Sunshine, Linda’s neighbor’s adored pet cat. As Linda explains, “Sunshine, aka Gargamel, was a neighbor’s cat who believed in having a second home —ours! He would sun himself on the deck, and if any other neighborhood cat approached his coveted territory, he would make sure they know who was the 'deck master.' Gargs was the subject of many of my paintings and is missed terribly by all who experienced the pleasure of his company. Although he is no longer with us, I intend to continue to paint this very special feline to pay homage to his extremely good looks and larger than life personality.”

Did you know that more than 80% of these beautiful orange tabbies are male? The orange color is produced due to the presence of the pigment pheomelanin which displays colors in the red to cream ranges and produces orange cats that can be very dark to very light orange in color. Often called “Marmalade cats” or Ginger cats,” orange tabbies are thought to be friendly and lovable and are actually more likely to be adopted from shelters than cats of other colors. Just take one look at Gargamel’s beautiful green eyes gazing lovingly at the viewer, and you can see why this might be true.

Behold the miniature still life of porcelain and other material cats inspired from an array from Linda’s own kitchen. Country Cousins was the recipient of Parklane Gallery’s Sponsor Award. Chosen from over 300 masterfully crafted paintings, Country Cousins depicts Linda’s personal collection of cats in clay, porcelain, tin, glass, wood and even an old printing plate, represented exactly as they are on top of her kitchen cabinets in her home. As she herself enjoys collecting cat items, Linda painted this tiny masterpiece with other feline collectors in mind.

Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven, FL

Linda is delighted to share her miniature Garden of Dreams,
and to announce that it recently won an Award of Excellence
at the Ridge Art Association Miniature Art Exhibition, which
ran from April 6-23rd in Winter Haven, Florida. The painting,
where white cushioned chairs implore the viewer to sit back
and unwind in the beauty of its bright floral surroundings,
does indeed mesmerize the viewer, who immediately is
soothed into a calm state of mind.

The mission of the Ridge Art Association is to educate and promote understanding of the visual arts and to sponsor
cultural events within the community. Its biennial juried Miniature Art Exhibition features tiny masterpieces
submitted by local as well as nationally-known artists, and is one of the gallery’s most celebrated events.

Sulphur Springs Valley International Miniature & Small Works Show

The Art League of Willcox and the Willcox Chamber of Commerce recently held their 20th Annual Sulphur Springs International Miniature & Small Works Show. Each year the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture hosts this special art event by displaying an array of tiny masterpieces, welcoming over 5,700 visitors who are guided through the exhibition.

Linda is overjoyed with the judge’s award for Second Place for Hey Handsome, a close-up of a striking wild turkey peering at the viewer with his red waddle prominent and his fan feathersspread wide and full. But she’s especially thrilled that it was the visitors who voted Garden of Dreams, a miniature that beckons the viewer to relax in the gorgeous floral surroundings, as their overall favorite of the show!

Miniature Art Society of Florida, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL

The Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF) recently hosted
their 42nd Annual International Miniature Fine Art Exhibition
in Tarpon Springs, Florida, featuring over 800 tiny works of
exquisite perfection in this annual showing of diminutive art.
The museum established in 2002, strives to inspire and educate
the public with its collection of fine arts. The MASF seeks to
broaden awareness and interest in miniature art among artists
and the community. Linda is pleased to announce that she was
honored with a First Place for Acrylic Painting award for
Savanna Matriarch, a close-up facial depiction of an African
elephant. Savanna elephants are the largest sub-species of
elephant and are easily distinguished by their very large ears
and long front legs. Found in the bushlands of Africa, they
live in well-studied groups of around ten adult females, their calves and juveniles (adult bulls come around
only during mating season). Many of these units often join together to form a “clan” of several hundred members.
However, the demand for black market ivory is reducing their numbers daily and may drive this iconic mammal
to extinction within our lifetime. Please do not purchase ivory or anything that contains it.

by Jamie Markle (Editor)

Art Journey Animals is the first-ever compendium of the most soulful and inspiring animal and wildlife artworks, culled from the winners of North Light's popular competition-books series. More than 100 hand-selected drawings and paintings by a wide variety of top contemporary artists have been carefully curated to capture the wonder of nature, from the family room to the farm and the sea to the savanna.

The best of the best masterworks from AcrylicWorks, Splash, Strokes of Genius and INCITE have been compiled into this gorgeous, oversized full-color book, which includes observations into the texture, innovation, style and significance of each piece. Accompanying in-depth interviews with the artists offer meaningful insights into nature, the creative process and the human condition.

Linda’s drawing of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be found on page 26. It is truly an honor having had my work selected for inclusion in this marvelous book that focuses on drawings and paintings inspired by animal companions and wild creatures of the world. LR

Available at Amazon, Barns & Noble, Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers, online or in store.

Ohio Valley Art League’s “Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibition”, Henderson, KY

Recently the judges for the Kentucky National
Wildlife Art Exhibit honored Linda by selecting
Resilient Recluse for the Precision Cooling Towers
Award. What makes this news even more exciting
is that this tiny masterpiece competed for this
major sponsor award with almost all large-scaled
works. The judges were not swayed by size but
instead focused on composition, mastery of the
medium, judgment of perspective, accuracy of the
subject's anatomy, and overall impact of the piece.

The exhibit is currently being held at the Henderson Fine Arts Center in Henderson, Kentucky
from October 3rd - November 30th, or it may be viewed online buy clicking HERE.

The Henderson Fine Arts Center holds the Wildlife Art Exhibit every other year with the goal of
increasing awareness for the preservation of wildlife and to recognize artists who derive inspiration
from the beauty of the environment.




Linda is very proud to announce that three of her miniature paintings have been accepted to appear in these mostly large-scale exhibitions: Society of Animal Artists annual international members show “Art and the Animal”,
September 23, 2016 - January 1, 2017;
Artists for Conservation’s
annual international members exhibition
“Art of Conservation,
an International Exhibit of Nature in Art”
and the Ohio Valley Artist League’s biennial
“Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit”,
October 3 - November 30, 2016.


All shows will be online for extended periods.
For more information about each of these exhibitions please click HERE.

Time Out - SAA, Art and the Animal

Fan Dancing - AFC, Art of Conservation

Resilient Recluse -
OVAL, Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit

Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC (MPSGS)

More exciting news to report -- this time out of the MPSGS's
International Exhibition of Fine Arts in Miniature. Linda is very
excited to announce that her miniature painting Going off the Grid
has been named Best of Show at the beautiful historic mansion at
Strathmore, where over 800 tiny masterpieces will be on display
and for sale. Taking her miniature art in a new direction, Linda’s
piece displays a tiny ant traveling off a piece of graph paper. The
judge, Judy Lalingo explains why she chose the painting as the
overall winner of the show: "Going Off the Grid is a modern
miniature painting at its finest. This piece raises the bar on concept,
creativity and craftsmanship. The composition is very intentional,

each object clearly leading your eye throughout the painting, presenting a sophisticated idea that is further enhanced
by the thought-provoking title. Quirky, yet elegant, this painting exemplifies the infinite possibilities within the miniature
painting realm."

If you are going to be in the North Bethesda, Maryland area, do try to visit the exhibition to see these works of art in
person to appreciate the fine detail and beauty of these exquisite wonders for yourself. The show kicks off on Sunday,
November 20th from 2-4 pm and continues through December 31, 2016. For more information, please click HERE.

The Art Gallery of Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

The Art Gallery of Fells Point recently hosted their 33rd National Miniature
Art Exhibition featuring an eclectic mix of acrylics, mixed media, oil, pastel,
hand pulled prints, pen and ink, pencil, and watercolor in this annual showing
of diminutive art. The gallery is a non-profit artist cooperative established in
1980 by a small group of Maryland resident artists, staffed and operated on a
volunteer basis. Linda is delighted to announce that she was honored with a
First Place for Acrylic Painting award for Magical Moment by this year’s
judge, Narissa Steel.




There is no shortage of things to see and do at the New Jersey State Fair® /Sussex County Farm and Horse Show! If you're ever hoping to see
a variety of animals at a county fair, well stop in your tracks, you have found them! Animals are all over the fairgrounds--from exhibitions of
bees to all kinds of livestock. Did you know that there are more horses in NJ then in KY? Exhibited were breeds from your original workhorse
to the sleekest thoroughbreds to admire. In addition to horse shows and riding competitions, there was live entertainment, a Sussex County’s
Got Talent show and an annual beauty pageant for Queen of the Fair. Also, there were milking contests, turtle races, woodchopping contests,
art (my personal favorite), craft tents, agricultural and horticultural exhibits and competitions, and rides and games galore! And of course it
wouldn’t be a county fair without food, food, and more food!

There seemed so much to see and do in one day, but somehow my husband and I managed to cover most of the fairgrounds, eating as we went
while meeting old friends and talking with many of the exhibitors along the way. For instance, the young lady in the center photo pictured with
her alpaca “High Energy,” has been caring for him since she joined 4H last September. This being her first year showing the alpaca, she was very
nervous, but managed to come in 1st place in three of the five events as well as getting Champion in the Junior Division! She is a student at our
local school, so you can bet we were all rooting for her.

The weather forecasters predicted rain for most of the day that we chose to attend, but it held off until the end of the evening. And because of
that I didn’t get my birds-eye view of the fair from the top of the huge ferris wheel. Oh well, we’ll be back next year. In the meantime you can
look forward to maybe seeing some down-on-the-farm animal miniatures!

Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

Linda got a very nice surprise when she received the news that she had won the Best in Show and
Best of Acrylic awards for her miniature entitled Alfalfa in the Air from the 10th Annual Showing of
Artistic Designs Gallery’s Miniature Fine Art Show. Owned and operated by Laura and Lee Tesdahl,
the gallery proudly showcased over one hundred works of miniature artworks completed in an array
of mediums. The show runs from July 23rd - August 27th and is now available for viewing ONLINE.

As you can see, this award winning miniature displays a cow peeking out of her stall, gazing toward a
sunlit meadow with a dreamy look of longing in her eye. I say “her” because horns do not dictate that
the cow is necessary male — in certain species females also sport horns. The pastoral scene is warm
and inviting, and the way the light captures the cow’s expression particularly captivates the viewer.
The title reminds one of a weekend morning when one smiles upon waking to the beckoning call of
freshly brewed coffee, only this bovine is being wooed by the alfalfa that’s in the air!

Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

Linda is pleased to share her miniature Cocktail Hour,
and to announce that it recently took First Place at Parklane
Gallery’s 24th Annual “International Juried Miniature Show.”
The painting, which shows a tropical island set in an inviting
aqua sea, has a mesmerizing effect, with its peaceful waves and
evening lighting. From the perspective it is painted, it makes
you feel like you are on a boat or a cruise headed to an island
paradise where a fruity cocktail awaits.

Three Awards, One Show - March 2016
Northern California Society of Arts in Miniature, Mariposa, CA



The Elizabeth Specht Memorial Miniature Art Show, held at the Sierra Artist Gallery, has honored three of
Linda’s miniatures in their recent exhibition “Miniatures in Mariposa,” which was held February - March 2016.

Winning Second Place for Animals was the winsome Buffalo Gal, a portrait of an American bison, who seems to
be knowingly aware of the viewer. Also receiving an award was Little Squirt, which won Third Place for Portraiture,
where a mischievous youngster epitomizes the wonder and curiosity of youth exploring the world. And taking home
the People's Choice Award was Garden of Dreams, where white cushioned chairs beckon the viewer to sit back and
relax in the abundant beauty of the floral surroundings.

The Sierra Artist Gallery is situated in the historic gold rush town of Mariposa, CA, home of Yosemite National Park.
This annual exhibition is an exciting venue for artists from around the world to display their exquisite miniature
creations. May this ever popular show grace the gallery walls for many years to come!

Alabama Miniature Art Society - Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show, Mobile, AL

Linda is delighted to announce that she recently received
the Founder's Award from the 8th Annual Spanish Moss
Miniature Art Show for her miniature entitled Fan Dancing.
This exhibit is the only one of its kind in Alabama and is
hosted each year by the Alabama Miniature Art Society.
Rain did not stop the hundreds of guests who flocked to the
show where the Judge, English artist Derek Norman, honored
Linda’s miniature of two turkeys strutting their stuff. The
males of these large game birds puff up their chests, spread
their tail feathers and shake them while they dance to attract
a mate. These two birds will likely spend the evening in the
low branches of the tree (yes, wild turkeys can fly)!

Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF), Dunedin, FL

Although Linda doesn’t paint still life pieces very often, she
approaches them with the same excitement and precision as her
wildlife paintings. She was thrilled when May was recognized by
the judge of MASF’s 41st Annual Exhibition, Wes Seigrist, who
selected this painting as the First Place winner for the Interior/Still
Life category. Wes concurs that there is something absolutely
magical about these very small works.

This is the largest international fine art miniature show of its kind
in the USA where over 800 little works of art were exhibited at the
2016 host site: Dunedin Art Museum, Dunedin, FL. Though the
works were tiny, the crowds were huge and came from around the
world to view entries that proved a fascinating diversity of subject
matter, mediums, and framing techniques.

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