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A Tiger to Touch

A Leopard to Linger On

Out on a Limb

A Leopard to Gaze At

A Cheetah to Admire

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The centerpiece of this powerful collection tells the story of the Clouded Leopard, one of the most beautiful and highly endangered cats that inhabit our world.   The Clouded Leopard's true numbers in the wild are unknown because of its shy, arboreal and nocturnal nature.  Everything in this composition alludes to this cat's imperiled status.  Part of the Clouded Leopard's range is in the rain forests of Borneo, where trees drop their leaves once a year independently of one another, revealing the cat's habitat.   New growth appears in about two weeks, and the sprouting fresh green leaves at the lower right of the painting represent new life for this leopard.  The rain forest atmosphere is indicated by the soft rays of light which symbolize the rays of hope for the cat's survival.  The air fern in the background does not root in soil, but literally clings to life, as does the cat.   The placement of the leopard on a branch says it all and titles this painting...Out on a Limb. This painting has been selected from the 43rd Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists for the 2004 - 2005 Art and the Animal Tour.

The smaller painting of the Clouded Leopard, titled A Leopard to Gaze At (upper right), reinforces its endangered state. Other endangered species are also portrayed by the paintings of the Bengal Tiger, A Tiger to Touch (upper left), and the Cheetah, A Cheetah to Admire (lower Right).  The African Leopard, A Leopard to Linger On (lower left), is not currently threatened, but is included as a symbol of strength, determination and hope for the survival of the other cats in the grouping.

This collection was created from my own personal experiences and wildlife encounters and was painted with the greatest respect and admiration for these beautiful wild felines.

Linda Rossin

The Fading Patterns Collection  -  Acrylic on Composition Board
Five Paintings Framed as shown - Please call for quote - 973-545-2459

Small Portraits
Image: 9"x12"
Frame: 17 1/2"x19 1/2"
Image: 30"x15"
Frame: 38"x23"
  Framed collection occupies a 38"x70" wall area.

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