"WIRELESS CALLER", American Crow


Wireless Caller: Image: 2 1/2 x 4"; Framed: 6 x 7 1/2"; signed on the top left fence rail: ©Linda Rossin MAA.

A miniature painting by Linda Rossin was illegally removed from a gallery in Golden, Colorado sometime after August 2012.
Linda is asking everyone who is reading this to spread the word via social media and to remain vigilant if you visit various
selling and or auction sites. Please feel free to drag and drop the above images to save to your computer as photo references.
If you have any information, please contact your local authorities, or call Linda at: (973)545-2459.

"It's always shocking when a painting goes missing both to the artist and gallery who represents them. In our difficult economic
environment artists are often not compensated because of the high cost of insurance to galleries or other venues that graciously
host public shows. And in the case of an insured work priced less than an insurance deductible, the gallery or host must absorb
the cost upon reimbursing the artist. A sad and uncomfortable situation to deal with no matter what the case.

"We artists put our hearts and souls into our work; our creations are like children, they're a part of us. When one goes missing
a piece of us disappears with it. The only positive aspect that comes to mind is that the person responsible for this theft must have
really liked this painting to go to such an extreme, and I hope they are enjoying their new acquisition."

MonDak Art & Heritage Center, Sydney, MT

From hundreds of entries, and for the second year
in a row, Linda received the highest award given at the
MonDak Art & Heritage Center's Annual Miniature
Art Show - FIRST PLACE, for Bear With Me.


"It's always a wonderful feeling to receive an award for
something you've created, and for something you love to
do. Awards are an incentive to help keep creative juices
flowing and to challenge oneself to make each work of
art better than the last

Arts & Antique Studio Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne, FL

Time Out

Little Ladies

As a relatively new show to the miniature art scene, now only in its 4th year, Arts & Antiques Studio presented a
wonderful array of miniature art from across the US. Three judges selected the winning works and two of Linda's
paintings were presented with awards: 2nd PLACE for Little Ladies, lambs and a MERIT AWARD (Flora & Fauna)
for Time Out, domestic feline.

Linda received a lovely note from the Show Chair saying "Your work is breathtaking, and we were thrilled to display
it in our gallery. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us, please keep us in mind for next year's show!
You can bet on it, Linda's paintings will be on display once again in 2013!

Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradel, NJ

Apple Blossom Time

This meticulously painted piece has been juried into the Society of Animal Artists 52nd Annual
Members Exhibition Art and the Animal, an international display of approximately 150 works by
some of the worlds finest painters and sculptors of animal art.

The exhibition will take place at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradel, NJ from September 27th
through December 31st, 2012. Please visit Linda's Schedule page for additional information and
related links.

Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

Artistic Designs Gallery is in full swing once again after having to
temporarily relocate last year because of a fire in an adjacent building.
Their annual miniature and small works art show is also back on its
original schedule and is now online for your viewing or buying pleasure.
But before you go off to see the show Linda would like you to know that she
was honored with a First Place for Acrylic Painting award for Magical
by this year's judges Wes and Rachelle Siegrist. To see the exquisite
miniature works from all the artists participating in this event visit:

3rd PLACE - April 2012
Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

For the past 21 years Seaside Art Gallery's international
miniature art show has taken place on the outer banks of
North Carolina. The show has proven to be such an
outstanding draw that for the past several years the gallery
has expanded its presence by presenting the entire show
on line where purchases can be made from anywhere in the
world. Linda has been participating in this exhibition for
many years and is always thrilled when she receives an
award. In this latest show she received 3rd Place for the
painting you see on the right. Here's what the judge had
to say about it: "A Woman's Touch is a true refinement
with careful attention to details, shading, highlights,
shadows and reflected light."

The Best of Worldwide Wildlife & Animal Artists, Volume 1
Kennedy Publishing, Williamsburg, VA

Kennedy publishing uses a three tier process to select artists for
their book series: open call; recommendations; and artist review,
both on and off line. (This can mean visiting as many as 40,000
art related websites!) Artists selected to submit work are those
who exhibit outstanding creativity, innovation, uniqueness, and
skill. The end results are high quality art books that feature a
wide range of select artwork by artists from around the world.

Linda was invited to submit her work for The Best of Worldwide
Wildlife Art by an anonymous sponsor. Sponsors include Blick
Art Materials, Jerry's Artarama and In2Art. All submitted work
is reviewed by a jury and final artist selections are made. The
publisher and design staff then meet to choose the art that will/
grace the cover. Linda's work was not only chosen to appear
within this book, she is proudly represented, along with three
other outstanding artists, on the cover of The Best of Worldwide
Wildlife Art, Volume 1.

This wildlife edition can be seen in its entirety by visiting
www.bestofartists.com Turn pages at your own pace, search by
artist, use the toolbar to custom view, enjoy the superb art each
page offers. And if you're so inclined, click the buy now button.

1st PLACE for Animals - March 2012
Sierra Artists Gallery, Mariposa, CA

This is the first time Linda has entered the Elizabeth Specht
Memorial "Miniatures in Mariposa" art show. She was extremely
excited when she learned that she had won 1st Place for Animals
for her painting Sunbathers. To see the rest of the winners for
2012 visit: www.sierraartistsgallery.com/ExhibitResults.html

3rd BEST IN SHOW - February 2012
Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show, Mobile, AL

The Alabama Miniature Art Society's juried
miniature art show recently presented its awards
to the this year's winners. Linda is very honored
to have received 3rd Best in Show for her painting
Evening Dunes at the 4th Annual Spanish Moss
Miniature Art Exhibition.

Fifth Worldwide Exhibition of the World Federation of Miniaturists - 2012
Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia

Siberian Repose

Little Squirt

The World Federation of Miniaturists exhibition of fine art takes place only once every four years. Previous exhibitions
were held at The Smithsonian, Washington, DC, and several times at the Bernie Regional Art Museum, Tasmania, Australia.
The Association of Russian Artists is extremely excited to be hosting the Fifth Worldwide Exhibition of the World Federation
of Miniaturists and has secured a gallery within the acclaimed Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow, September 12th through
September 26th, for this outstanding event. If you're traveling to Saint Petersburg or Moscow between these dates, be sure to
visit the Academy to see this phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of the finest miniatures available in the world today.

Artists who are members of accredited societies recognized by Miniature Artists of America enter their works to the WFM
exhibition through their society. For instance: MASF is acknowledged by MAA. Once the work is juried, accepted pieces are
then sent on by that society to the host society, in this case ARSA-F in Moscow.

Some societies allow a maximum of three works per artist, while MAA members are only allows two. Linda has entered the
pieces pictured above, created expressly for this event, through her signature membership within the most highly regarded
miniature art society in the world, Miniature Artists of America.

Linda Rossin Judges the Miniature Art Society of Florida's 37th Annual Art Show - 2012
Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL

MASF's art show is considered the
quintessential event for viewing and
purchasing the finest miniature artwork
by artists from around the world. Linda
was honored with an invitation to judge
the 2012 annual show. As judge her duty
was to select 60 award winners from
among 800 incredible juried international
miniature works of art.

The following is Linda's statement about
her judging experience:
"If you've ever wondered
how one goes about judging a show of such magnitude
and quality, let me tell you it's no walk in the park. At
first one feels it's almost futile to select winners from an
array of such unbelievable and skillfully executed pieces.

"Outstanding entries in every class and category made for some very tough calls, and I agonized over my pending decisions, as so many works were deserving of awards. In my analysis I looked for any little disturbing detail concerning perspective, anatomy, design, even matting and framing. Finally after constant comparisons and arduous examinations of the principles that make any good piece of art great, the front-runners slowly emerged.

"This year's exhibit is full of award-deserving mini masterpieces and once again reflects not only strong standards of excellence, but also all the captivating aspects miniature art offers. I wish every person reading this could see the originals in person because only then would they fully appreciate the agony (and ecstasy) each judge experiences.

"My thanks go out to the Miniature Art Society of Florida for their incredible leadership in the world of miniature art as well as the invitation to judge this exceptional show."

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