MonDak Historical & Art Society, Sidney, MT

MonDak Historical & Art Society held its 25th Annual Miniature Art Show
at the MonDak Heritage Center in Sidney, Montana, November 2015 through
January 2016. Three major awards are given: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with
the criteria for these prizes based on composition, originality, and artistry.
Judge Kerry O’Dell chose Canyon Country Retreat for First Place above the
hundreds of other miniatures entered in the show.

The painting of a small rustic log cabin nestled high in a mountainside is just
one of a number of works by Linda reflecting her 110 mile whitewater rafting
trip on the Snake River. “My canyon country series originally started out as a
solitary painting, but due to its popularity, I decided to create a succession of my
observations along this river, including an area known as Hell’s Canyon. Canyon
Country Retreat
is my fourth painting, with more Snake River views on the way.”

Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC (MPSGS)

Linda received the exciting news that An Apple a Day had won the
Americana award sponsored by Ciders Painters of America. The judge
of the exhibition explained that the Americana award goes to a piece
that best captures the American spirit. It was clear to see how Linda’s
apples were not only reminiscent of traditional "American apple pie,”
but how apples represent the state of Pennsylvania (where Cider Painters
of America is located). The painting’s pictorial objects are very much like
those found in many rural Pennsylvania homes. What else would best
represent CPA than a "beautifully executed" and "technically amazing”
piece of art that depicts the group’s symbol…the apple!

The Little Picture Show, Waterworks Art Museum, Miles City, MT


The Waterworks Art Museum of southeastern Montana is happy to announce that they have awarded their Best of Show
award at the biennial exhibit of The Little Picture Show to Buffalo Gal. The traditional miniature of an American bison is
an acrylic painting with a metallic gold background that sets off the deep, dark brown coat of this iconic animal. This feisty
gal seems to knowingly be aware of the viewer, who cannot help but admire her beauty and the apparent softness of her
wooly fur. Linda proudly accepts this honor, comparing her paintings to a celebration of life, filled with nature’s richness,
beauty and dignity. Buffalo Gal certainly embodies the essence of this idea.

Also winning an award at the The Little Picture Show was Fire and Ice, which took home an Honorable Mention award.
The icy white snow of this miniature acrylic painting stands in sharp contrast to the fiery golden grass in the backdrop.
A commemoration of life, the painting seems to offer a temporary shelter from our otherwise fast-paced world.

The Waterworks Museum, a non-profit cultural leader dedicated to displaying an array of exquisitely detailed original works
submitted by artists from around the world, showcased these miniature pieces through the months of November and December.

Cider Painters of America, Kingston, PA

It came to Ms. Rossin’s attention that the judges for this
years CPA exhibition wanted to award her with Best of
Show, but Cider Painters has specific rules. In order to
win BOS an artist must be represented in the exhibition
with at least three works. Fan Dancing was the painting
that caught the judges’ eyes, but because Linda only
submitted two pieces she didn’t qualify for this prize.
It was then determined that this painting would receive
Best of Acrylic Media. Linda is far from disappointed
with her award and understands that rules are rules,
and in fairness to all the participating artists, there are
times when they should not be broken.

The Gallery of Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Garden of Dreams did it again! Add another award to the list of prizes it
has already received. This very complex little mini with its many varieties
of recognizable flowers, mismatched planters hidden among the assorted
greenery offset by the white patio chairs surly took the utmost thought
and patience to execute. This painting has a strong composition, good
perspective, clean color, and all painted with extreme and accurate detail.
These are just a handful of reasons this piece is being recognized over
and over as an award winning miniature.

Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, NY, August 28 - October 25, 2015

The official opening of Art and the Animal took place on August 28th at the Roger Tory
Peterson Institute where artists, collectors and other prominent figures traveled great
distances to be a part of the evening’s events. Artwork by SAA members from around the
world lined every gallery and corridor in every media imaginable. Hors d’oeuvres flowed
freely throughout the evening where one could sample foods picked that morning from
local woodlands by specialty chefs, who then prepared this unexpected fare as onlookers
marveled then sampled the unusual bounty of mouthwatering dishes. Needless to say, a
wonderful time was had by all.

Linda was once again privileged to have a painting selected for the annual member’s
exhibition and was overjoyed to be able to attend this years opening as well as take part in
many of the scheduled artist activities, including a demonstration presented by the world
renowned painter, Robert Bateman.

Travel inside RTPI for a peek at the exhibition, attendees, and some fun happenings from
the SAA weekend in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neCqTjc7Yeo

Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

Artistic Design’s miniature art show is well under way, but it wasn’t
until recently that Linda learned she had won Best of Show for one of
her still life pieces. Although Linda’s specialty may be animals, still life
is very close to her heart. The objects she uses are mostly from past
generations of her family and her lighting is often inspired by Vermeer.
But if you look closely, Linda’s compositions contain a contemporary
twist. Note that the background walls are painted in two different colors,
one being light and the other dark. The rectangular shape of the dark red
wall is a repetitive form of the side of the table facing the viewer in the
opposite corner. These two subdued shapes are offset by the placement
of the cutting board and the rounded forms of the basket and apples.
Green being the complement of red, tiny leaves are positioned around
the focal point adding a spark of energy to the overall painting.

Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

Linda is very pleased to have been recognized once again for her
work in acrylic. This is not an easy medium to work with, especially
in miniature as the paint often has the tendency to dry on her tiny
brushes before ever making their way to her painting surface.
Maintaining the delicacy required for miniatures can sometimes be
near impossible when this happens, but with endless patience and
her layering technique she achieves success time after time. This is
what the judge had to say about her winning piece Don’t Mess with Bill:
Red. Attitude. Superb technique. Pug. Linda Rossin at her very best.

The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

If ever you are looking for feline paintings of exceptional quality,
there are two artists who come to mind, especially when it comes
to fine art miniatures: Rossin and Watanabe. Although these two
painters had never met, their work can often be seen together in art
shows around the US. But it was at the opening reception of Art of
the Miniature XXIII that California based Akiko Watanabe made a
surprise visit to The Snow Goose Gallery where New Jersey artist
Linda Rossin was present. As west met east, giggles, cheers and
hugs broke out as these two members of the Mutual Admiration
Society celebrated their first personal encounter.

Parklane Gallery International Miniature Show, Kirkland, WA

Parklane Gallery is holding its 23rd Annual
International Miniature Art Show from April 28
through May 31. Small, but not trivial, 302
miniature paintings which measure 5 X 7 or less
are on display, including Linda’s 2nd Place Award
winner, Barefoot Boy. When you consider the
number of works represented in this annual show,
being recognized with this, or any other award
is truly an honor!

Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF), Tarpon Springs, FL

Siberian Summer was recognized with the Best Cat Award
at the 40th International Miniature Art Show of the Miniature
Art Society of Florida. Any wild or domestic feline is eligible,
and more cats of all shapes, sizes and breeds are showing up
each year because of the dollar value attached to this award!

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