Peoples Choice & Honorable Mention Awards - December 2011
Art & Antique Studio Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne, FL

Now in its 3rd year this miniature art show at the
Art & Antique Studio continues to grow. This show
showcases extraordinary artists who excel in the
field of miniature art. Linda submitted three paintings
and Little Big Man not only was awarded an Honorable Mention, it was voted as the most popular miniature
by attendees and received the Peoples Choice Award.

First Place Award - November 2011
Mondak Art & Heritage Center, Miles City, MT

Linda created two very special regional
paintings for the 21st Annual Miniature
Art Show, sponsored by the Mondak
Art & Historical Society. Her efforts were
rewarded with First Place honors for her
entry Cruise Control, featuring a tiny
red-tailed hawk in flight.

Presidential Award - November 2011
Cider Painters of America, Kingston, PA

Linda attended the opening of Cider Painters of America's 27th
annual exhibition, hosted by the charming and sophisticated little
Vgogh Gallery in Kingston, PA. Showcased on velvety dark panels,
hundreds of miniatures lined the walls from end to end, as did the
visiting public. It came as a surprise to Ms. Rossin when midway
through the affair her name was announced as the recipient of the
Presidential Award for Awakenings. Linda remarked, "In past
years I have received many awards from CPA, including several
Best of Shows, but this award is truly special because it is presented
by the society's very own president."

1st PLACE for Acrylic & Oil - November 2011
Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, DC

MPSGS is the oldest miniature art society in the U.S. and is now enjoying the
78th year for its annual exhibition. With approximately 800 miniature works
in the show, it is one of the largest displays of fine art miniatures in the country.
To receive a top award from among many other deserving pieces is truly an
honor. Linda entered three of her most recent and finest miniature paintings,
and was rewarded for her labors with a 1st Place in the Acrylic & Oil category
for Camping Out, a painting depicting a favorite guest at her home.

Honorable Mention, November 2011
Council for the Arts, Chambersburg, PA

It is mind boggling to imagine how any
judge selects a few prize-winners from
among hundreds of miniatures on display
at a show such as this. Linda feels very
honored and is delighted to have been
recognized with an Honorable Mention
for her painting of a frequent visitor
to her home in Neatness Counts.

Best of Acrylic, October 2011
Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

After a fire in an adjacent building, Artistic Designs
temporarily relocated and rescheduled their annual
miniature art event for a later date. The gallery is
now back in its original location and the miniature
art show is in full swing and will remain on display
through to November 19, 2011. With 100 miniatures
gracing their walls, Downwind Alert was selected for
the Best of Acrylic award.

Lakeside Silhouettes and the
Society of Animal Artists 51st Annual Exhibition

With just over 500 members worldwide, the Society of Animal Artists is an organization dedicated to
maintaining the highest standards among painters and sculptors who specialize in animal subject matter.
Linda was voted into the Society as a Signature Member in 2002. Since that time her work has been selected
year after year as part of the Society's flagship exhibition, Art and the Animal. The Dennos Museum Center
at Northwestern Michigan College is proud to host the 2011 show where Linda's painting Lakeside Silhouettes
is among the 132 paintings and sculptures featured in this event.

The exhibition will be presented at the Dennos in its entirety from September 17th to October 30th, at which
time half of the exhibition will be placed on a national tour. The Balance of the exhibition, which includes
Lakeside Silhouettes will remain through December 30th, at which time these works will also begin a national
tour. Please refer to Linda's schedule page for additional information or the eastern tour schedule.

First Place for Acrylics, September 2011
The Art Gallery of Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

The Art Gallery of Fells Point is a charming gallery, located in the heart of historic Baltimore.
Each year the gallery hosts a fine art miniature show, which is now celebrating its 28th anniversary.
This annual event features paintings and sculptures by artists who live and work in North America.
The judge, Nancy Still is a skilled miniaturist, and like Linda is a signature member of Miniature
Artists of America. Nancy is also a board member of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers
Society, of which Linda holds signature membership. "It is such an honor to receive a first place
award from one of my peers. I worked very hard to make sure every little flower's color, value
and detail was correct." said Linda.

People's Choice Award, June 2011
Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

As visitors leave the gallery they are asked
to vote for their favorite painting. At the
conclusion of the show, votes are tallied
and the winner is announced. With over 350
miniatures to choose from, Hello There was
chosen as the favorite of the people and
therefore received the Peoples Choice Award.
The award included a Gift Certificate toward
the purchase of any Golden Paint Product,
and Linda already knows exactly what she
intends to buy!

1st Place Award, May 2011
Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA

Celebrating the 19th year of the
International Miniature Art Show, the Parklane Gallery had an outstanding number of entries submitted for 2011. Out of the all the submissions 357 were selected for exhibition. This year Linda entered four paintings with a variety of subject matter, and it was another regional scene which won the award. To see the show in its entirety click HERE.

(The penny on the artwork is only for scale.)

Louisiana State University "Animals in Art"
An Honorable Mention Award

Big Sky Country received an Honorable Mention at the 25th Annual Exhibition of
Animals in Art, sponsored by Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Two-hundred and twenty artists from 40 states, Canada, and Russia submitted 513 entries
for the show. Of those 513 submissions, only 75 were accepted for the exhibition.
Linda's painting was not only selected, it was awarded an Honorable Mention.

The exhibition may be seen at LSU's Veterinary Medicine Library,
Skip Bertman Drive, Baton Rouge, LA, from March 26th through April 24th, 2011.

To see the show online in its entirety, please click the following link:

Modern Masters of Miniature Art in America
A newly published book from Miniature Artists of America

A new hardcover book has been published which extensively covers the the ART OF THE MINIATURE. The book traces miniature art history, etymology and the societies from the earliest beginnings to present day. The works of 53 of today's Miniature Artists of America's Signature Members from around the world are featured in the pages, with their thoughts on miniature art and their careers. Other fascinating photos and text include 16th century illuminated manuscripts and traditional portraiture from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Over all, more than 210 photos of miniature art, miniaturists in their studios and exhibitions grace these pages. The author, Wes Siegrist, and the Miniature Artists of America Society, are pleased to be offering this book at the publication price set by Lulu with no profit being earned on the sale. Linda and her artwork are featured on pages 186 - 187.

Hardcover - 268 pages - $67.60 - available on Lulu.com

For a preview and free download visit: www.lulu.com

First Place Award - January 2011

The Miniature Art Society of Florida presented Crayfish Cravings with the First Place Award for Birds & Animals category at their Thirty-Sixth Annual International Miniature Art Show, which was held at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida.

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