Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun,
Double the Awards at one! - 2009


This was the first time Linda entered the Custer County Art & Heritage Center's The Little Picture Show, and painting right up to the deadline was worth all of her efforts. All four of Linda's entries were accepted and On the Rocks (Grizzly) was recognized with 1st Runner Up in this annual Montana event. Emeralds, Sapphires & Gold (Peacock) was graced with an Honorable Mention.

CPA's Best for Realism Award 2009


The Cider Painters of America Annual Fine
Art in Miniature Exhibit awards artwork in
various categories and classes. Judges with
a strong knowledge of miniature art are
selected and these judges set the categories
for awards as entries mandate.

Awards of Mention - 2009


An Honorable Mention may not be at the top of the awards circle, but being recognized with this honor of achievement in any competitive event is a privilege and an award to cherish.

The paintings pictured above received this recognition.
A Basket of Goodness,
(Still Life), Council for the Arts, Chambersburg, PA and Pause & Reflect, (Peacock), MPSGS, Washington, DC.

Pretty Ribbons - 2009

Evening Glider was the recipient of a Merit Award at Artistic Designs Gallery's 3rd Annual Fine Art Miniature Show in Indiana.

MASF Award - January 2009

The Miniature Art Society of Florida presented Purrsian on Persian a Second Place in the Acrylic Painting category for their Thirty-fourth Annual International Miniature Art Show, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida.

September 2008
Medal of Excellence awarded to Maritime Migrator
at AFC's International Exhibition.

On its 10th anniversary year, the Artists
for Conservation Foundation launched its
first annual juried International Exhibition
of Nature in Art
-- an exhibition which features the nature art of its members. The AFC celebrates artistic excellence in the depiction of nature, raises awareness of conservation and directly supports organizations dedicated to addressing these issues.

September 2008 -- Award

Evening Dunes received an Honorable Mention
at the Art Gallery of Fells Point 25th Annual North
American Miniature Art Exhibition, Baltimore, MD.

May 2008
A Shore Welcome receives "Second Place" at Seaside Art Gallery's
Annual Miniature Art Show

Judges comment: With its near-flawless evocation of weathered wood and metal offset by a brilliant burst of flowers, A Shore Welcome is a miniaturist marvel of textural and chromatic finesse, a contemporary still-life that is a genuine technical tour-de-force. It is also tightly conceived and thematically witty: a seemingly ho-hum stretch of everyday front-door décor that, as the artist shows us, demands and rewards a closer look. For only then do you see the tiny green lizard sunning itself on the propeller!

May 2008
Parklane Gallery -- Two Awards

Cruising -- First Prize

Tinkerbell -- Golden Artist Colors Award

"First Place" Honors and the "Golden Artist Colors Award" were bestowed to Linda for two of her miniature paintings at Parklane Gallery’s 16th Annual Miniature Art Show in Kirkland, Washington, 2008.

January 2008 -- Award

With over 900 miniature works of art on exhibition at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo, Florida, Sunshine and Friends was selected as the Judge's Choice for Second Best of Show in the Miniature Art Society of Florida's 33rd International Miniature Art Show, 2008.

October 2007

Two of Linda's paintings were selected to grace the October covers of Natural Awakenings magazine. Available at your local health food store, each issue contains cutting edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, green living and includes products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

January 2007

The Miniature Art Society of Florida awarded Linda’s painting Romancing the Reef Third Place for Acrylic in their 32nd Annual Miniature Art Show, 2007. This annual event is considered to be the largest Traditional Miniature Fine Art Show of its kind within the USA!

January 2007

DIMENSIONS Needlecrafts

One of Linda's paintings has been selected as a counter cross stitch design.

Dimensions has chosen Regal Tiger to be included in their new Spring line of The Gold Collection for 2007. This handsome tiger also graces the 2007 cover of their Complete Collection for Spring catalog!

If you enjoy counted cross stitch and one of the worlds most beautiful wildcats, you'll certainly want to add "Regal Tiger" to your needlecraft projects!

November 2006

Cider Painters of America

Wee One was the recipient of the Cider Painters of America's 2006 Aviary Award at their Annual
International Miniature Art Show & Exhibit at the Waterlily Gallery in Shavertown, PA.

Autumn Hues
Kentucky National Wildlife Exhibit

July - November 2006
Miniatures Included!


Silhouettes Along the Shore
Art and the Animal

Linda is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and Miniature Artists of America, and has had several miniatures selected for exhibition in both OVAL's Kentucky National Wildlife Exhibit (August - November, 2006) and SAA's Art and the Animal Annual Members Exhibition (September - November, 2006).

What makes this notable is that most of the paintings selected for inclusion in these fine art events were mid-sized to very large works. Linda's miniatures are a reminder to all that paintings "in the little" are equally as meaningful as their larger counterparts!

January 2006

For the Miniature Art Society of Florida's 31st Annual Miniature Art Show, Linda's painting Sky Patterns received an Honorable Mention Award for Landscapes. This annual event took place at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, Florida. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, the annual MASF exhibition is a must for any miniature admirer.

November 2005

Cider Painters of America

Clematis was the recipient of the 2005 Cider Painters Award for Florals in their annual International Miniature Art Show & Exhibit at the Waterlily Gallery in Shavertown, PA.

June 2005

Miniature Painting Receives an Award of Merit

The Paper Mill Playhouse's Renee Foosaner Art Gallery in Millburn, NJ, hosted its annual International Miniature Art Exhibition during June and July. Linda is pleased to announce that her painting, Vantage Point, Mountain Lion, received an Award of Merit from among the more than 800 entries on display.

May 2005
The Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington, DC
has invited Linda to become an Associate Member of the MPSGS.

The MPSGS was founded in 1931 and is the oldest Miniature Art Society in the USA. It is the second oldest in the world next to the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers in London, England.

From its inception the object of the MPSGS has been to encourage and stimulate public interest in Art in Minaiture. The Society sponsors a scholarship in representational art in the Washington, DC area schools
and also provides educational tours, demonstrations and workshops relating to Miniature Art techniques.

The Trials and Joys of Working Small
InformArt, Spring 2005

InformArt Magazine published a delightful editorial about painting miniatures. It’s about what motivates artists Linda Rossin, Melaine Fain and Wes and Rachelle Seigrist to create these Tiny Treasures, the challenges they face and the rewards they reap from the "wow factor".

March 2005

Linda has been elected as a Signature Member into The Miniature Artists of America
The First Organization to Honor Nationally Outstanding Professionals in American Miniaturism

MAA, Miniature Artists of America, the first national society to honor outstanding practitioners of American miniature art, was founded in Clearwater, Florida, in 1985. In addition to recognizing leading contemporary miniaturists, its purpose is to broaden public understanding and appreciation of this ancient art form.

An invitational organization, MAA accepts no more than ten artists each year into its ranks as Signature Members. The Jury of Admission selects candidates from artists who have been admitted to at least ten competitive shows staged by major nonprofit miniature societies in the United States within the previous five years and who have received awards from these shows. The Jury may also invite other outstanding professionals who work "in little" but who may not be associated with a miniature society. However, they must be nominated by three Signature Members and submit at least five works for review by the Jury.

MAA Mission
* Honoring top professionals in American Miniature Art.
* Encouraging a national awareness and understanding of fine
miniature art among artists, collectors, exhibitors and the general public.
* Promoting scholarship and study in the field of miniature art.
* Maintaining a collection of contemporary American miniature art.

The Artist's Magazine Art Competition

Minding Mamma, was selected as a finalist in the Animal Art Catagory of the 21st Annual Artist’s Magazine’s Art Competition. Linda’s accomplishment is one to be proud of, especially since there were over 13,000 entries in this years competition.

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